Vineyard management

Our objective is to lengthen the time our vineyards are kept alive and to increase the sustainability of our soils. We have acquired tools that are specifically designed to manage soils and therefore stop the use of harmful chemicals. We use organic fertilizers when needed.

We tend to our vineyards very carefully to prevent common diseases. We use a horse and plow in some of our vineyards to till the soil which allows for a better aeration. To keep them alive we also try curettage on vines that have been contaminated by black rot, an incurable disease found in wood.

We think that the genetic diversity of our vineyards is very important. We are fortunate to own a vineyard planted by our grandparents in 1963 where the vines came from Massal Selection. Each vine is unique and has its own DNA. We can therefore select some of the best vines from this vineyard, cut off some of the canes in the winter and deliver them to the nursery where they will be grafted and later used for new planting.